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Organiser: Mecomeo GmbH, Zum Reitplatz 58, D-26203 Wardenburg

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1. Start: 05:00 a.m. in Eelde,             Finishing time: 5:30 h
2. Start: 10:45 a.m. in Blijham,          Finishing time: 6:00 h
3. Start: 05:00 p.m. in Esterwegen,    Finishing time: 7:00 h

The following opportunities for participation are offered:

A –Individual Runner

An individual runner may register for individual distances, for two or all three distances. It is possible to skip a distance and to be transferred by bus.

B - Individual Runner as a team
Here share 2 (team 2) or three team members (Team 3) the total distance. It is determined who is running what distance.
Shorter distances less than 42.2 km, are not permitted.

C - Individual-Team
Here at least 2 and a maximum of 6 runners share the total distance. The team can stretch during the course of each other to change at any point any of the runners. There has always a runner to be on the track. The transport of the runners must be secured by your own team.

Fees and Fares:

Individual Runner and Individual Runner as a team

Application until:            ITM 1-3      2 x M         1 x M       Team 2TN    Team 3TN

Level 1 until 03.12.2017    89,00 EUR    74,00 EUR    49,00 EUR    104,00 EUR    120,00EUR
Level 2 until 04.02.2018    98,00 EUR    80,00 EUR    52,00 EUR    114,00 EUR    129,00EUR
Level 3 until 01.04.2018  110,00 EUR    88,00 EUR    56,00 EUR    126,00 EUR    141,00EUR
Level 4 until 01.06.2018  119,00 EUR    98,00 EUR    61,00 EUR    135,00 EUR    150,00EUR

Bus Wardenbrg-Eelde        19,00 EUR      19,00 EUR    19,00 EUR      39,00 EUR     59,00EUR

Functional-shirt  *)         15,00 EUR Application until 01.05.2018                 


Application until:                Base price for Team        any additional team member
Level 1  until 03.12.2017           94,00 EUR                           10,00 EUR
Level 2  until 04.02.2018         104,00 EUR                           10,00 EUR

Level 3  until 01.04.2018         116,00 EUR                           10,00 EUR
Level 4  until 01.06.2018         125,00 EUR                           10,00 EUR

The transport of the runners must be ensured by the own team.

Functional shirt pro Person
 * 15,00 EUR for an application until 01.05.2018

*) = For an application until 01.05.18 the functional shirt may be ordered for 15 EUR.

For everybody:

Application until:        01.06.16          

Accommodation Borchkwartier Eelderwoldeim 29.06/30.06.18 with breakfast 16,00 EUR

Accommodation Gym Wardenburg                  30.06/01.07.18 with breakfast  5,00 EUR

-> comment: in Wardenburg the gym is provided free of charge;
                 the sports hall at Eelde unfortunately not, hence the price difference


(Warning; a minimum limit for participants of 50 / maximum of 100)

The online registration will close at 1th of June 2018. There are no late entries possible.

Internet:   bis 01.06.2018
Fax:          bis 01.06.2018
Post:         bis 01.06.2018

After registration you will receive a confirmation with all the registration details and the total fees that have to be immediately transferred to the account. After receipt of money, the data are published in the participant list. In case of non-receipt of the registration fee within 10 days after delivery of the registration confirmation the registration will be deleted. If a participant does not apply or in the event of force majeure, there is no entitlement to a refund of entry fee. Further on we reserve the right to cancel the event if there are reasons not to make possible the implementation or the minimum number of at least 50 starters is not reached. In this case, you will receive the entry fee refunded.

According to the table above, latecomers are not possible for organizational reasons. After the last application date it is however possible to send an email to our attention, so that in case of an cancellation of another runner it may be possible to take over. The online registration will close on 01/06/18. There are no late entries possible. We reserve the right, upon achievement of a maximum limit of participant, 100 starters, to close the application prematurely.

Terms and Conditions: 
Eligible are all adequately trained and healthy sport runner. The participant is responsible for being medically examined in time and that at occurrence of health problems all activities are immediately stopped and are reported to the race management. The participants accept with their registration the Exclusion of Liability of the operator for damages of any sort. The organizer and all with the organization involved persons are excluded from any liability. This applies in particular for accidents, property damage and personal injury, theft.

For the organization of the event personally identifiable information may be used. It is permitted to publish the at the event made photos and film footage. The data is stored digitally (Note as per Data Protection Act).

The road traffic regulations must be observed and followed. It is expressly pointed out that there are no barriers to the running track and each participant is responsible for compliance with the Road Traffic Act. The staff's instructions have to be followed.

Each participant has to be equipped with sufficient bottles / equip belt so he is supplied with sufficient liquid between the supply points.

The marathon will start at all weather conditions (summer sun, rain). 

Time recording: 
Time is recorded manuelly.

Time Limit:
For each part of the distance an End / finish time is specified. To carry out the start of another leg it is indispensable to comply. If a participant exceeds the time limit the organizer must be immediately informed. A start in the next section has to be proofed and might no longer be possible.

supply points:
In each distance there are supply points at about km 10, 20, 30 with water, iced tea, ISO, cola, fruit, bars etc. Furthermore, vessels are placed with taps where the personal water bottles / belts can be refilled. At every finish will also the above mentioned supply available.

Getting there:        Wardenburg ab 16.00 Uhr steht der Reisbus bereit

Parking:                   D-26203 Wardenburg, Huntstraße 10
                              (53.064027, 8.198052)

Getting there:        Eelde Borchkwartier kann ab 18.00 Uhr bezogen werden
Parking:                  NL-9766 PP Eelderwolde, Borchsingel 41
                              (53.17865, 6.539122)

Starter Package:
will be issued on 29.06.2018 from 16:00-17:00 clock in front of the bus departure and on 29.06.2018 from about 19:00 clock in the gym near Eelde (Borchkwartier Eelderwoldeim). Participants who arrive on 30.06.2018 get the starter package at 03:30 clock in the gym near Eelde.

on the 30.06.18 till 8:00 p.m. in the Sport hall at the Grundschule, Wardenburg

Each participant will receive a certificate (only on the event day)

Awards and prizes:
The time is taken for every marathon. Each participant receives a certificate for each section of Marathon with a time and placement. Who is participating in all three distances receives an additional certificate. The winner of each marathon sections, the winning team from the individual runners team and the winning team from the individual team will receive an award. The individual teams will also receive certificates.

General notice:
Prizes will be awarded during the ceremony. Prices can only be spent on the event day.

We wish all participants a safe journey, lots of fun and success.

The Orga-Team

Modifications are possible!